Kari & Rene – Texas Wedding Ministers & Everlasting Elopements

I absolutely LOVED the chance to sit at Kari & Rene’s office to talk and learn from them.  They’ve done a fantastic job with so many areas of their business, but I’ll brag about a couple of points in particular : 
  1. Their ability to network and work their way into relationships is amazing.  And they give examples of how they accomplished this in the episode.
  2. Identifying exactly what the industry needed before launching their businesses.  They didn’t “fall” into their chosen professions…it was very obviously a choice by design.  They saw a need and decided who better to fill it than them!!
I wish I had pics of both of them, but I neglected to snap any good ones while I was there! :/  But here’s one of Rene and I at an open house at The Gardens of Old Town Helotes!! (BTW – if you’re looking for a beautiful venue in the Helotes area, you won’t find sweeter people than here!!)
Rene from Texas Wedding Ministers with Derek!

Please go check out Texas Wedding Minsters!!

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