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Good Day Everyone!  I’m SUPER EXCITED to share this new episode with you guys!  This interview was with Stephanie who works for the University of Incarnate Word and manages ALL of their event venues, including the Rosenberg Skyroom.  This was a wonderful opportunity for me (and you!)  Stephanie and her team run every kind of event from weddings, quince’s, church groups, galas and everything in between.  They can handle it.  So she’s seen it all!  Every kind of client, every kind of budget, every client question, style request or vendor management…she’s dealt with it.  So, she was a freaking fantastic guest to be able to learn from.

  I *REALLY* hope you guys love this one.  Apologies on one thing – I got to the appt late (ugh no…not only because I am a rude asshole…that’s a given).  But also because the weather was unexpectedly horrible and I ran into some nasty traffic.  Thankfully, Stephanie was verygracious and we still had a wonderful chat.  But, because of my tardiness, we recorded in an area with more hustle-and-bustle than we’d anticipated so there’s a bit of noise in the background.  So, apologies all around for that!  But, please soak in all of the advice that Stephanie gives us!  She was generous with her wisdom and experience – so take advantage!

The Hub with Stephanie Ponce from The Rosenberg Skyroom

In this Interview…Stephanie w/ The Rosenberg Skyroom :

  1. Her journey from nursing school to running one of the most respected venues in the San Antonio area.
  2. That time when she accidentally started a design/printing business.
  3. How to balance a crazy home life AND a crazy work life.
  4. Signs she looks for to spot whether a client is sold (or not) during a consultation.
  5. Informative information on the venues she manages.
  6. Keeping her creativity fresh and inspired despite a demanding schedule.
  7. Her advice to vendors wanting to network with event venues.
  8. What she looks for from event planners who work at her venue.
  9. Input and encouragement to people who want to be in her position.
  10. Why you should visit your venue before booking for an event.

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  OK, that’s what we’ve got for you today.  Thanks for visiting!  And I hope you enjoyed the interview and got some good information out of it. If I were planning a big event of my own, I would want Stephanie and her team in my corner – I would recommend her to ANYONE!  And if you would like information on her venues ~ call the Skyroom at (210) 805-5805, I promise you will be happy you did!

We’re just getting rolling, so please go back and check out Episode 1 and Episode 2!

And, of course, if there is anything we here at the HUB can be doing for you, we want to hear from you : you can call ustext us or email us.  We want to be a resource to your event and to your company.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  If there’s anything you’d like the podcast to address or anyone you’d like us to interview, leave a comment on this blog post or reach out using one of the above mentioned methods.  We are happy to tackle any issues that interest you!

Thanks to Stephanie Ponce at the Rosenberg Skyroom for hanging out with me.  Thanks to Jason Scott and the Nicodemus Experiment for letting us use his music for the podcast…more about him and his music HERE.  Thanks to the Moments & Milestones team for being the sole sponsor making this podcast possible. And thanks to *YOU* for spending some time with us today.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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