Sheila Dunn – Texas Wedding Guide

Sitting down with Sheila Dunn was an absolute dream for me. She has been at the helm of the Wedding Guide since we started Moments & Milestones. And I have looked up to her since we started. I have watched her and the team at the Wedding Guide offer support, resources, consulting, anything they can to help their clients and their friends succeed in this industry. We have been recipients of their support, and I am eternally grateful.

Sheila Dunn at the Texas Wedding Guide

And she didn’t disappoint – she goes in depth about her journey from a “kid with a dream” who bucked the standard path for small town girls and pursued her own path. Side note : that’s what WE ALL want to do, right? Take some control over our life? That’s the beauty of being an artist/entrepreneur! And Sheila has done it time and time again…so many times she can teach it!

Sheila Dunn at the Texas Wedding Guide

So thank you so, so very much. I’m honored you spent the time with me. I hope we did you justice. And I sincerely look forward to chatting next time!

Sheila Dunn at the Texas Wedding Guide
Sheila Dunn at the Texas Wedding Guide

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Thanks for checking out another podcast episode.  We’re honored to have you along for this ride.  Thanks to the whole team at Moments & Milestones who, without them, this podcast wouldn’t exist!  Thanks to Jason Scott and his AMAZING band for the podcast music.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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