Shimeyka Olivares – San Antonio Botanical Garden

Hey Everyone!!  Excited to share episode 12 with you guys!  I have Shimeyka Olivares on the podcast.  Shimeyka is the events manager at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.  And she is absolutely a delight! She’s charmingling inappropriate, SUPER-smart, creative, funny – I loved this interview.  I had such a blast talking with her!  She shares some wonderful stories about her past and how she got the job at The Gardens.  And she talks about some of the amazing events they’ve got coming up!   This was a fantastic episode.  (And…as I write this, it’s been up for 2 months.  And it is, by far, our most-downloaded episode…people can’t get enough of Shimeyka!)  I really hope you love it!

Shimeyka from San Antonio Botanical Gardens Episode Right Here!!

Shimeyka with The San Antonio Botanical Gardens
My selfie with Shimeyka – which she gave me unending shit about having to take herself because I couldn’t find a flattering angle!

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Shimeyka at The San Antonio Botanical Gardens
We snuck the opportunity during her last family session to take a quick headshot of Shimeyka at The Pearl!
Shimeyka at The San Antonio Botanical Gardens
One more…because she’s awesome!

Thanks for hanging with us.  Hope you guys dig the new episode!  And please feel free to leave us comments below – we’d love to hear from you! 

And a special thanks to Jason Scott and his band for the intro music.  He’s a badass, and you should def check out the rest of his stuff HERE.  And thanks to the Moments & Milestones gang for being our sponsor.  If you need help with planning, coordinating or photographing any kind of event – they are the ones to check out, for sure.   Thanks for visiting…until next time ~ Cheers everyone…
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