Genaro Trevino – Fusion Catering

Genaro has an AMAZINGLY inspiring story to share and we get into it right away in this episode. Genaro talks about how struggles led him to his faith…and his faith led him to a stronger marriage, family and the courage to become an entrepreneur.

Genaro with Fusion Catering San Antonio
Genaro, Norma (owners of Fusion Catering) and their 3 daughters

I found Genaro to be authentic, passionate and very well-thought. (Does that mean what I think it means? I mean – his ideas are thought out…he seems to try to educate himself and have reasons for what he does. Well thought…amirite?!?!)

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Genaro with Fusion Catering San Antonio

Thanks for checking out another podcast episode.  We’re honored to have you along for this ride.  Thanks to the whole team at Moments & Milestones who, without them, this podcast wouldn’t exist!  Thanks to Jason Scott and his AMAZING band for the podcast music.  Until next time ~

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