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I am SO excited to introduce you to Dominic Fournier (Forn-YAY) from At Last Entertainment DJ services. He was an absolute delight of a guest. We chatted about moving his business from a different city, transitioning from a full-time job to being an entrepreneur, making time for his family and what makes At Last Entertainment one of the fastest growing DJ businesses in San Antonio.

Dominic Fournier with At Last Entertainment DJ Services in San Antonio Texas
And he’s DAMN SEXY!!!

He’s awesome – you guys are going to love him by the end of this episode, I promise you!

Find At Last Entertainment on the Interwebs

Go visit Dominic and give him a thumbs up and good review for being such an amazing guest on the podcast!!


This episode’s shout-out was for George Gaytan : Classical Guitarist extraordinaire! Thanks for being dedicated, kind and generous to your clients. Go find George at his website :

Dominic Fournier with At Last Entertainment DJ Services in San Antonio Texas
He brings the party with him!

Thanks for checking out another podcast episode.  We’re honored to have you along for this ride.  Thanks to the whole team at Moments & Milestones who, without them, this podcast wouldn’t exist!  Thanks to Jason Scott and his AMAZING band for the podcast music.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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