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Hey Folks, I’m *SO* happy and thankful to share this episode with you all.  Chris Koval is a good friend and I am super-thankful for that.  But before we got the chance to connect and get to know each other, he was someone that I looked up to and leaned on in the industry.  His name was the name I’d drop when asked who I knew in the industry (even though he absolutely didn’t know MY name at that time!)

Very often when you meet people you admire, the real person doesn’t live up to the reputation.  I am very thankful that this was not the case with Chris.  His dedication to his son and his girlfriend are constant.  And his love and passion for the industry can be seen in his work ethic and the MANY hours he volunteers for several different organizations dedicated to helping make event companies better and more educated.  Naturally, his clients love him, and he’s well respected within the the industry.  I often hear his name come up in conversation with new, young business owners to whom he’s shown the same level of kindness and compassion as he did to me. 

I STILL, even now, drop his name although in a different context.  When anyone asks what DJ’s I recommend, his is the first name out of my mouth every time.  (To be fair, he’s booked solid ALL THE DAMN TIME!!  So, you gotta reach out to him early!)  But, I try to do my part to push business his way because I know he will love on the clients and do a phenomenal job for them.

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When you can, go visit Chris at Future Sounds – show them some love from our listeners.  Follow him on social media and leave him a positive review.  

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Chris Koval at Future Sounds San Antonio DJ
He’s still smiling after recording…that’s a good sign!!
Chris Koval at Future Sounds San Antonio DJ
This also happened…let it be known that he is actually the aggressor in this image…despite how it looks!! 🙂

Thank you Chris for taking time out of your schedule to visit with me. It’s an honor to learn from someone like you.  Thanks to our listeners for spending an hour or two with us each episode – I really hope you liked this one.  Feel free to leave us comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

And a special thanks to Jason Scott and his band for the intro music.  He’s a badass, and you should def check out the rest of his stuff HERE.  And thanks to the Moments & Milestones gang for being our sponsor.  If you need help with planning, coordinating or photographing any kind of event – they are the ones to check out, for sure.  

Thanks for visiting…until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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