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Heya gang, I’m excited to share this interview with you because I think it’s chock full of great information and insight.  Anthony Pedrotti, owner/operator/manager of Pedrotti’s Ranch is a great guy, a good family man and a wonderful steward of the business he runs with his family.  He talks here about growing up with a family of entrepreneurs, what it’s like to come back to the family business, and the vision he has for Pedrotti’s. 

He and his family have made Pedrotti’s a successful brand in the events industry for 25 years now. Hosting private events like weddings and quinceaneras as well as corporate events such as luncheons, galas, fundraisers and more – Anthony speaks to the specific focus they have on being the best catering and venue experience. 

Take a listen!

Me and the gang at Moments & Milestones have had the pleasure of producing events with Anthony and his team.  (And his team is fantastic, by the way!  They make you feel like you are the most important client in the whole world!) And the place is just freaking fantastic.  Everywhere you turn is a photo opportunity! 

Anthony Pedrotti Pedrotti's Ranch Open House and Interview with the HUB (1)

And if you aren’t 100% convinced, they’re hosting an open house on Wednesday November 14th, 2018 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm.  Come out, tour the venue and meet their team.  And maybe stop by and see me at the Moments & Milestones booth.  They’ve also invited a few of the biggest and baddest (you know…in good way!) event professionals in San Antonio to display there as well.  Oh, and free food from the crack team at Pedrotti’s catering!  It’s gonna be a blast!

Pedrotti's Ranch with Anthony Pedrotti Open House

So, if you’re looking for a place to host an event, or you know someone who is, this is a wonderful opportunity!  I’ve got LOTS OF OPINIONS on how to find the right vendors for your event – and Pedrotti’s Ranch is a great choice.  Or, if you’re a fan of the podcast and want to come visit and grab some free grub, please take this opportunity and bring friends!

Derek & Anthony Pedrotti at Pedrotti's Ranch
Me and Anthony after the interview!

And while you’re with me, check out a few of the places where you can learn about Pedrottis : 


Thanks for checking out another podcast episode.  We’re honored to have you along for this ride.  Thanks to the whole team at Moments & Milestones who, without them, this podcast wouldn’t exist!  Thanks to Jason Scott and his AMAZING band for the podcast music.  Until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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