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Heya Gang!  A couple of weeks ago I had the VERY happy experience of sitting down with Anthony Beauchamp of Christian Ellis Images.  He is the owner/operator of the successful videography company right here in San Antonio.  His main marketing focus has been on weddings but he offers his services to many corporate clients as well as other private parties – birthdays, retirement parties, etc when asked. This was my very first interview for the HUB podcast…I was nervous, had consumed roughly two and a half pots of coffee, and was COMPLETELY unsure of how this was going to play out!  I had it all worked out perfectly in my head – I would provide aptly timed, charming, witty yet insightful commentary while making my guest shine.  But instead, I stumbled over myself and could barely remember my name in the introduction!  😛  But fortunately, Anthony is SUPER encouraging and very kind and generous with his time and his words.  He was forgiving of my being (very obviously) new at this.  And he doubled down on content, advice and charm of his own throughout the interview.  I could not have had a better first guest for this podcast.
Christian Ellis Images ~ the HUB Podcast Interview with Anthony Beauchamp
Eh…I was nervous and forgot to take a picture of us together…so, here’s the Christian Ellis Images logo instead! 🙂

In this Interview…Anthony w/ Christian Ellis Images :

  1. Why his company is named “Christian Ellis Images” instead of his own name
  2. Sharing work space with a spouse
  3. The importance of finding a mentor
  4. Balancing between technical & creative
  5. Getting out of your head and staying in the moment
  6. The importance of having daily habits that contribute to your body, mind and soul
  7. Being a team player by lowering your ego
  8. Staying inspired
  9. The importance of being the best *YOU*…and staying out of industry competition.
  10. His advice for entrepreneurs

Listen to the Podcast to hear what Anthony Beauchamp says is the NUMBER 1 thing he’s learned after 7 years of owning Christian Ellis Images!

Couple of quick points discussed during the interview, to make sure credit goes where it needs to go…and to TRY and stop people from correcting us before we catch it ourselves!  🙂
  • “Do not despise the small things…”  was referenced by Anthony.  This is a quote from the bible in the book of Zechariah.
  • “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”  This is a quote from Albert Einstein from a 1955 interview with LIFE magazine.
  • After a brief few minutes of scouring the interwebs, I found that Anthony’s fishing story is a very popular anecdote used by speakers encouraging their audience to “get a bigger frying pan” or enlarge their vision.

  How to find Christian Ellis Images :

Website : Facebook : Instagram :
OK Gang, that’s what I have for today.  Before I close I’d like to ask you guys a favor – if you enjoyed the interview, PLEASE leave the HUB podcast a good review.  And if you liked what you heard from Anthony, head over to his social media and leave him a comment and a review, recommend him to friends, and implement his advice in your own life/business.  Christian Ellis Images runs on reviews and referrals just like the rest of our small businesses. And, as always, if there is anything we here at the HUB can be doing for you, we want to hear from you : you can call us, text us or email us.  We want to be a resource to your event and to your company.  So please don’t hesitate to reach out. If there’s anything you’d like the podcast to address or anyone you’d like us to interview, leave a comment on this blog post or reach out using one of the above mentioned methods.  We are happy to tackle any issues that interest you! Thanks to Anthony Beauchamp of Christian Ellis Images for hanging out with me.  Thanks to Jason Scott and the Nicodemus Experiment for letting us use his music for the podcast…more about him and his music HERE.  Thanks to the Moments & Milestones team for being the sole sponsor making this podcast possible.  And thanks to *YOU* for spending some time with us today.  Until next time ~ Cheers everyone…
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