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Talking to Wes Dominque is like catching up with a best friend…even if, like me, you didn’t know him that well before you start talking!  He’s SUPER relate-able, empathetic and just wants to connect and have a good time.

Here’s Wes Dominque and I Hanging at The Studio!

As I write this, I have gotten more positive feedback on this episode than any other – the comment that I hear the most is, “OMG, I feel like I know Wes…I can totally see myself in him.”  Which is fantastic and speaks highly of him because it’s his job day-in and day-out to get in front of people and entertain them…he NEEDS people to relate to him and like him!  And he does an absolutely wonderful job.  

He works with Cutting Edge Entertainment like Ron Peene.  (Check out Ron’s episode HERE.)  And Ron & Wes JUST moved into a new showroom space.  We recorded the episode at our studio, but we swung by his new place and snapped a few pics to show off!  

Wes D at Cutting Edge Entertainment
Wes M f’n Dominque
Wes D at Cutting Edge Entertainment
Yeah, I knew you couldn’t keep that professional look on for long

A few fun details in the new Cutting Edge Officina!

Showing off the GOBO and multi-colored lights that he displays in the office to WOW clients 🙂

Check Out Cutting Edge Entertainment

When you can, go visit Wes at Cutting Edge – show them some love from our listeners.  Follow them on social media and leave them a positive review.  

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Thanks to Wes and all of Cutting Edge for being wonderful to work with and hanging out with me on the podcast.  Listen to his episode to learn why I gave him the new nickname Wes “Motherfucking” Dominque…which I really hope sticks!  Please help me keep it going – if for no other reason than to make him feel more gangsta!  (As you can see from the pictures, he’s already pretty gangsta…but, we can all use a little more help bringing out our inner “G”.)

Thanks to our listeners for spending an hour or two with us each episode – I really hope you liked this one.  Feel free to leave us comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

And a special thanks to Jason Scott and his band for the intro music.  He’s a badass, and you should def check out the rest of his stuff HERE.  And thanks to the Moments & Milestones gang for being our sponsor.  If you need help with planning, coordinating or photographing any kind of event – they are the ones to check out, for sure.  

Thanks for visiting…until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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