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This was a FANTASTIC interview with the wonderfully talented Melissa White : owner, operator, designer, & lead florist at Botanika.  I absolutely think the world of her – she is smart, talented, consistent, & generous.  All of these things are on display during this interview.

Melissa tells us she’s known she wanted to be a florist since she was 10 years old.  Her initial step into the creative world was architecture & interior design.  She’s a mother of 2.  She has the most unique “first client experience” that I have ever heard!  She was completely open about her creative process.  And gives wonderful advice to up and coming florist/entrepreneurs.

Just to show her off a bit, here are a few of the floral arrangements from Danyel’s wedding that we talked about in the interview.  Photos, of course, from the talented photography team at Moments & Milestones.

For those looking for a career in design or floral, I 100% recommend watching Melissa.  Reach out to her for advice.  She is a giver, she’s supportive…she’d make a wonderful mentor.  And she promised to come back and give color palette advise for our listeners soon!  So, I hope we can make that happen in the future.

You can find & connect with Botanika on the webs…here are a few links :

Website     /     Instagram     /     Facebook     /     Wedding Wire     /    The Knot     /     Yelp     /     San Antonio Weddings     /     SA Wedding Guide     /

Thanks for checking out another episode gang.  I hope you love it.  

And a special thanks to Jason Scott and his band for the intro music.  He’s a badass, and you should def check out the rest of his stuff HERE.  And thanks to the Moments & Milestones gang for being our sponsor.  If you need help with planning, coordinating or photographing any kind of event – they are the ones to check out, for sure.  

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