Between-Cast #2 : How to Choose the Right Vendors

Hey Everyone!

  It’s just me…talking to you about how to find the right kind of vendors for an event.  So, if you are giving advice to anyone – feel free to steal a line or two from this.  I also set this up so that you can take the advice yourself and hear this episode as how to BE the kind of vendor people want to book!  

  Obviously this advice is all from my perspective.  It’s not law and it’s probably not even complete.  Everyone has a right to their own experience…whether they’ve planned an event or they’ve been a part of an event.  So think through everything I say carefully – does it make sense?  Does it resonate with your personal experience?

  This is my first advice-driven episode.  So hit me with some feedback.  You agree, you disagree, you learned something, you think I’m a terrible piece of shit who should never get in front of a mic again?  You know…whatever you want to share is fine! 🙂

  Anyways, thanks a ton to each of you for listening to be jabber about this stuff.  I so, so love all of this – events…well, not even just events – business in general.  And everything that goes with it : sales, customer service, etc.    So please feel free to leave us comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

And a special thanks to Jason Scott and his band for the intro music.  He’s a badass, and you should def check out the rest of his stuff HERE.  And thanks to the Moments & Milestones gang for being our sponsor.  If you need help with planning, coordinating or photographing any kind of event – they are the ones to check out, for sure.  

Thanks for visiting…until next time ~

Cheers everyone…

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